Sheriff Ash for the Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Office

Kansas or Bust – Dave Bray USA

Brandon’s TributeStone monument brings the community together

Visitors listen to Brandon's story.
Sheriff Hayden and Sheriff Denning (retired) at Highway dedication signing ceremony
Sheriff Denning (retired) and Brandon's step-father.

A special thank you to all the donors who gave Master Deputy Brandon Collins’ story a voice by contributing to place a TributeStone monument in his honor.  Your generosity combined with Luke Gwartney’s Eagle Scout project demonstrates what a community can accomplish when everyone comes together to support our heroes!

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TributeStone is proud to have partnered with the Johnson County Sheriff’s office and the KCK Police Department to place TributeStone monuments for these fallen heroes to honor their families, to remember their sacrifices and to educate all people about the valiant acts of service these first responders, and others, do on our behalf each and every day to keep us safe.

Please donate today to help support and fund these important monuments. Become part of bringing healing to these families, the departments and our community.

Thank you.

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